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Action Packer Outdoors was founded by Drew Blake.  Formerly an online hunting and fishing product store, Action Packer Outdoors is now a website focusing on the outdoor adventures of Drew and his close friends.  Our partnership with Connect Outdoors, Inc. has triggered a new found focus for our team.  Continue reading to find out more about Connect Outdoors, Inc. and how our teams work together.

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Connect Outdoors, Inc. (COI) was originally started by Scott Perkins and his wife Barbara with the original mission of providing hunting opportunities to those that may have not had the chance otherwise.  Since the original conception, COI has found it calling and organized as a registered non-profit with the focus of connecting blind individuals (specifically kids) as well as military veterans to the outdoors.

This connection to the outdoors is achieved through many unique programs that COI has developed with the most important of which being hunting and fishing camps at various locations throughout the United States.  The focus of the hunting and fishing camps is to attempt to harvest the target species while providing a calming and therapeutic experience to all involved.  Our volunteer guides spend days pulling out all the tricks in an extraordinary effort to achieve this goal.  Participants enjoy a delicious, warm breakfast following morning activities which is followed up by evening activities and a warm hand prepared dinner.  Following dinner the participants and guides enjoy camp fellowship and story telling in preparation for the next days events.

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